You can get started with e-commerce payments quickly and simply.

Do you have a website for your online business?

The first step in accepting online payments is having a website for your business. You need a website that has a 'shopping basket' system that allows your customers to easily add items to their order. If you don't already have a website and need one which will maximise your sales, talk to Payit and we can refer you to a specialist web design company that can set this up for you.

Do you have a merchant account?

Step two is opening a merchant account with your bank. All the major banks provide these accounts for Visa and Mastercard. The bank will provide you with a merchant account number which you can give to us to set up the payment gateway. Alternatively, just let us know the name of your bank and what services you would like and we can help set this up for you.

If you wish to accept Diners or American Express cards, call those companies to set up a merchant account. Send us the number of your merchant account and we will sort it out from there.

Do you have a merchant account for e-commerce payments with another provider?

If your company is already accepting e-commerce payments using another payment gateway system, you can easily switch to Payit for a more affordable rate. Just call us with the merchant account number from your bank and we can take care of the rest.

Are you wondering how best to set up payments for a future online business?

Talk to us today about the quickest and most cost-effective way to set up a website that is designed for e-commerce. Click here to contact Payit.