Getting Started

Getting Started

Payment Gateways

To accept credit card payments online you need an e-commerce enabled website, a merchant account and a payment gateway system like Payit.

Setting up a merchant account

You will need a merchant account with your bank in order to accept online payments. All the major banks are able to establish a merchant account for Visa and Mastercard payments very quickly. If you would also like to accept other cards, such as American Express (Amex) or Diners, you will need to contact the merchant services division of those companies.

Your bank will charge you a merchant service fee, which is a percentage of each sale. This can vary depending on which bank you are with and the type of internet trading your business does. We can help you to set up a merchant account that connects to Payit, just download our application form or click here to contact us. Once you tell us who you bank with and what services you would like, we can arrange the rest.

Enabling your website for e-commerce

If you already have a website, enabling it to accept credit card payments is quite simple and Payit can help you with that.

If you have a new business that doesn't yet have a website, Payit can direct you to a company that can help you set up a website that will optimise sales and allow for successful e-commerce.

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