For Your Business

For Your Business

Payit offers a choice of payment services, so you can choose the service or services which best suit your company:

  • 128-bit SSL Security encryption
  • Three-party (hosted) processing
  • Two-party (non-hosted) processing
  • Manual processing
  • Batch payments
  • Authorisation payments
  • Future payments
  • Multiple currency options

Payit Security Statement

Online customers like to know that their information is safe. For that reason, we recommend that you include the following statement prominently on your payments page, your checkout page and/or your 'Frequently Asked Questions' page:

"Your payment details are secured by Paystation Limited, a fully AIS PCI DSS level one service provider and Paymark partner, using 128-bit SSL encryption. Credit card or Pago Wallet details will be sent directly to the acquiring institution for processing. No card or wallet data is available to or used by the merchant. You will be issued with a receipt number at the end of your transaction."

Three-party (hosted) processing

This is a secure HTTP interface which allows your company to securely process online payments for your customers. It collects your customer's details privately and keeps them secure, as well as incorporating fraud-reduction measures from Visa (Verified) and Mastercard (Securecode).

Two-party (non-hosted) processing

This is also a secure interface, enabling you to enter payments into your e-commerce systems. This is the best choice for customers who make orders over the telephone or via mail order.

Manual processing

Your company has a login and enters each customer card individually. This is a secure web-based data-entry payment option. It is ideal for low sales volumes, mail order or telephone order processing. It will work from a tablet or smartphone.

Batch payments

If you have a spread sheet full of customer transactions that need to be processed, from MYOB or a legacy system, batch payments will work perfectly for you. Your system creates a batch file and you can upload that file to Payit for processing. This allows you to maintain a unique payment schedule that suits your company and run batches whenever necessary.


A credit card authority allows a company to charge a fixed amount to a customer's credit card on a regular basis. The customer enters their details and the authorisation goes to the bank to enable you to make charges of up to a fixed amount on that card. This is great for companies offering a service such as property managers, web hosts, gardening or similar.

Future payments (tokenised)

Future payments give you the ability to debit a client's credit card whenever you need to. When your customer enters their credit card details, you receive a token from Payit and the credit card number. You keep only a few digits of the credit card number (allowing the customer to see which card is being charged). Then you use the token whenever you need to in order to charge the customer's card.

This service is ideal for utilities companies where payments can vary each month.

Multiple currency option

Payit gives your shoppers the option of being paid in a range of major currencies, including Australian and American dollars, British pounds or Euros. This allows your customers to shop in their own currency, so they can compare prices with local suppliers and calculate their costs without needing to find current exchange rates and get out their calculators.

This is ideal for international websites which sell to a range of customers all over the world.