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Provide safe and secure online payments for your e-commerce customers. PayIT is an affordable payment gateway that interfaces with your company's website to allow your customers to make easy and secure credit card payments online.

We can quickly enable Visa and Mastercard payments, and more. Features include:

  • 24-hour access to the payment gateway for you and your customers, all year round
  • Secure HTTP interface
  • Payments processed in 2 to 5 seconds
  • A range of payment services to suit all types of business
  • 128-bit SSL Security encryption

Whether you are taking thousands of payments a day or just a few a week, PayIT can make your online business transactions more cost-effective and secure.


Merchant Administration

PayIT gives you access to all the information you need to successfully administer all your merchant data.

  • You can always access your account - or more than one account - online from any device
  • Make a manual payment with any of our services
  • Give refunds
  • Search for specific transactions
  • View and print out reports

PayIT works alone, or inconjunction with CourierIT for combined payment and freight in one easystep.  Combine your customer’sorders and freight to save time and money.




Streamline your freight with the CourierIT online freight gateway. The CourierIT cloud-based freight portal works to make your freight system work smoothly from order to delivery, saving you time and money.

CourierIT works as a standalone application, allowing you to make rapid deliveries to all your customers. Alternatively, use it in conjunction with PayIT to allow you to process your payments and freight in one easy step on your E-Commerce website.

When customers enter their delivery details, a shipping label is automatically generated and the courier company notified that a pick-up is required. So you have:

  • Weight based not volume
  • No courier tickets to buy
  • No need to call the courier company
  • No unexpected freight charges
  • No need to pay for what you don't use
  • Fewer bills to pay

Whether you are shipping a mountain bike or delivering an envelope, CourierIT will streamline your business.


Shipping administration

CourierIT gives you access to everything you need to manage your shipping, all over New Zealand.

  • Access your account from anywhere at any time using our cloud-based service
  • Search for parcels and packages in the system
  • Live Track and trace packages
  • View signatures
  • View and print reports of all your shipping
  • Even Freight forwarding